Symbol of Youth

To fall in love deeply, we need abundant energy. That’s why young people are easily to fall in love. They fall head over heels, love passionately and romantically. They are stupid, blind in love, optimistic and lack of experience. They ignore all the red flags. The utopian, the beliefs and their dreams are too strong that become a reality. They made it a reality that everyone else is overwhelmed with their glamorous love. One day, they woke up - the dream is gone and the love ended. It’s the symbol of youth. Beautiful, poetic but painful and heart-breaking like every sad love story. Like that, it was needed to end and never happen again.

Will you ever meet someone you love that much? We don't know. But will you love the new person the same way you love the old one?

Certainly not!

Saigon. April 9. 2020 ./.

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